WADE Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that is organizing the W-Movement purely with the purpose of creating awareness about water conservation. There are no political, religious or commercial purposes attached to this campaign. There is no fundraising activity associated with W-Movement.

Disclaimer Clause

WADE Foundation, its members, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and/or volunteers (hereafter referred to collectively as WADE Foundation) are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person while participating in the W- Movement.

Photography Release

By registering for the event you are giving your consent to capturing of your of photographs/video taken on this date at the venue and hereby approve and authorize the use and production of the photographs/videos by WADE Foundation. These same photographs/video may be used for any purpose including, but not limited to, promotion, advertising and public relations without further compensation or consent.

Assumption Of Risks

You are participating in the event solely on your jurisdiction and are aware of the possible risks, dangers and hazards associated with public event which engages a huge crowd (including the possible risk of severe or fatal injury, bodily injury, stampede, delay time, falling down, being knocked down or being involved in a physical confrontation).

Indemnification And Release Of Liability

You agree that this is a voluntary participation from your side and agree to: TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY WADE Foundation
a) From any and all liability for any damage to the personal property of, or personal injury to, any third party resulting from your participation in the W-Movement and all related activities; including., but not limited to any and all activities caused by the negligence of myself or any third party; and
b) From any and all claims, demands, actions and costs which might arise out of your participation in W-Movement.

Protection Of Privacy

The personal information requested on this form will only be used for the purpose of implementing this waiver and will not be shared with any other entity. By signing, we will forward you information on upcoming events and special consents via email. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Lost or Stolen Property

WADE Foundation is not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any personal property that is left, lost, stolen, destroyed, confiscated, damaged or misplaced anywhere in the Venue or during the event, regardless of fault. You assume all risks of loss associated with the loss or damage to Your personal property.


The participant is to bear the travel and logistics cost for arrival to and departure from the venue. Food and beverages will be provided by WADE Foundation free of cost.


All food and beverages provided at the venue are third party manufacturing. WADE Foundation is not responsible for the quality, manufacturing or supply of the eatables. Food allergies or discomfort if caused are not a responsibility of WADE Foundation.

Age limit

By registering for the event you acknowledge and agree that you are at least 15 years of age.

Medical Service

The customary medical facilities and aid will be present as per the municipal norms at the event venue. However, WADE Foundation is not responsible for any medical emergencies arising on site owing to previous or sudden occurrences. The event organizer will extend help but is not liable to any unforeseen outcomes.


WADE Foundation has applied for the Asia Book of Records for the W-Movement. Only Asia Book of Records is the concerned authority for issuing and distributing of certificates to the participants. The charges for the same will be borne by the participant. WADE Foundation is not facilitating the certificates in any way.


You acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood all the clauses disclaimer policy.


Event Location:

NSIC Okhla, New Delhi

Date & Time:

12 October, Time: 8:00 AM

Email Address: